A full integrated website

made to display videos, photos,

events, and more.

Working on this website for Calvary has been one of the most diverse & fun projects I’ve worked on. This church has so many different things going on, so creating a minimal website was tough! First, they have TONS of different groups within the church that meet at different times. For example, the church meets Sundays, but youth meets on Wednesdays. Seniors have monthly events, etc. I had to create something where they’d be able to submit their own events to the website.

Another aspect of this website was getting their weekly videos and audio posted to their website. If you browse the website you’ll notice there’s over 30 pages within the website! This was a big project, but well worth the time. Calvary has been ranked as one of the top church websites in North America! That’s a fantastic achievement. I’ve also had the pleasure of working on their special event websites like Christmas & Easter. You can see their website below.

It's in the details

A Fully Responsive Website

This is obviously VERY important for every website. I installed Google Analytics on their website. After a few months we checked back and realized that 72% of all their traffic comes from MOBILE DEVICES! That is a HUGE number. Obviously, I had to make their website look even better on mobile then desktop. I think I’ve achieved this 🙂