Tim Goodwin


  • Photography
  • Lead Designer
  • Web Developer

A brand-new branding adventure.

Tim approached me to brand his real estate business. This included creating business cards, mail outs, a bench sign, social media photos, a photography session and even a website.

You can check his brand new website here.

Color & material

Tim is a sales representative for a larger company called Jim Pauls. Due to this, I was directed to stick with the same colors the company uses. This limited me with only three colours; red, black and white. No problem, I still delivered!

Monza Red


Classic Black


Classic White


What Was Delivered

Working for Tim was a pleasure! I created a whole new look for his business! This includes ‘made for print’ rounded business cards, mail out coupon cards, a city bench sign, his social media graphics as well as a brand new website to top it off.

Tim’s Thoughts

When I decided to rebrand my Real Estate business I gave Matt a call. Almost immediately he came to me, asked what I was looking for, took pictures, designed a modern and eye catching look for my brand, built a fantastic website, and went far above and beyond what I expected. Matt's work exceeded my expectations and his customer service is second to none.

Tim GoodwinSales Rep @ Jim Pauls